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     This web site is intended for Public Safety Station personnel as well as FAST (Fast Alerting Systems Technology) system administrators. Public Safety Station personnel have the ability to peruse through recent incident alerts displaying all information received from their 911 center. In addition, Public Safety Station personnel can maintain non-emergency information such as Road Outages, Duty Schedules, Equipment Outages, and Upcoming Events. This Non-Emergency information will be displayed throughout the Public Safety Station on wall mounted LCD monitors when an emergency is not in effect. FAST system administrators have the ability to setup all the Public Safety Station unique configuration parameters to assure emergency alerts are displayed on LCD monitors and LED signs effectively and efficiently and also send emails, texts and pages to appropriate personnel effectively and efficiently. All features of this web site are password protected and will require entering a username and password for successful login authentication. Login by clicking on the Login link on the top right of your screen.
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